Probando – Franz – Testing

Each month, i made some test in applications, but this time, i need to know about a APP, for use all my chat’s in front of my Laptop MacBook Pro… without opening mobile phones.

I read recently and found an APP that makes this function, I mean Franz, presiding Malzner @smalzner and Jonathan Burke @imprecision

I can download of that page, i can install and configure each my chats:

WhatsApp, Messenger de Facebook, Hangouts and other WhatsApp, Telegram,  Telegram latter, not have Secret Chat type

How it works , as each has an API or Chat integration via Web and Franz together in an application all those API and ready… that simple, dammit! as it did not occur to me!!!

I led so far this month using it and I have not had any fault , error, etc…

highly recommended!

Nos leemos pronto, un abrazo!!!

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